About Me

Welcome to my blog and I hope you enjoyed a few of my posts! Feel free to leave comments, as I really appreciate feedback (positive or negative), as it provides avenues for further evangelism as well as refining one’s thought processes.

My name is Madhukar, and I am a recent WordPress fan. Apart from a recent happening such as this, I have also been an entrepreneur, strategy consultant, marketeer, product manager, market researcher and an evangelist in various stages of my career, and they have been very satisfying, each for a different reason.

Right now where I work, I provide services e.g. market entry strategy, evangelism, product management and market research services to few domains (e.g. e-commerce, marketplaces, search, tickets exchange, small business). Prior to this, I have been part of a online professional network start-up, a software product and consulting firm and a keen follower of e-commerce and emerging (online) business models.

I also happen to be an alumnus of IIM Ahmedabad, IIT Kanpur and hold an MS in Compotational Finance from Carnegie Mellon. If you need to know more about me, you could find me on Linkedin. Happy to get connected, so send me a request.


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